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Luke's Report - Best times to fish:

"Due to its consistent high water level, Lake Mulwala is a great place to fish any time of the year. During summer months small to medium sized Murray Cod (30-80cm range) are on the move with plenty to be caught all over the lake and in the river. The warm summer evenings are perfect and you'll never forget the thrill when a mighty Murray Cod surfaces like lightning to snatch your lure".

"As the weather cools and the water temperature drops, the bigger fish start to come on the bite". During closed season for Murray cod (1st September - 1st December every year) it is a great time to target Yellowbelly (Golden perch) on Lake Mulwala. Fishing for these 'chunky goldens' just seems to be improving every season with the yellas getting larger and more abundant".

"The winter months are also perfect for chasing Trout in the mountains. I lived in the Upper Murray for 10 years and know the country well. My favourite spots are some of the smaller, less frequented lakes and storages in the snowy mountains".

September 2013

Well it has been a busy winter on the home front with a new addition to our family - a new baby boy Will! 
Fishing has been up and down over the winter with some nice fish being caught in the river downstream of the weir at Yarrawonga, and not as many good fish in the lake.  But with the weather starting to improve the fishing will only get better. Over the next couple of months the river upstream of the lake should start to provide plenty of yellowbelly on lures and bait. 
The big impoundment dams such as Lake Hume and Lake Eildon are already starting to provide yellowbelly and redfin, though not yet in big numbers. And with a couple of weeks of good weather, the fishing will only get better.  So if you're interested in trying these big impoundments over the next few months while we wait for Cod season to reopen -  give me a call or an email. 
Trout impoundments such as Eucambene and Tantangra are also starting to fire and these places make a great weekend getaway and opportunity to explore new fishing spots. I'm looking forward to a great season on the water!

Summer & Autumn Season 2012/13

What a fantastic and ridiculously busy season we had! After an interrupted season in 2011/12 with impacts from the September and December floods, this 2012/13 season was fantastic with much calmer weather and water. The charter boat was rarely in the shed with many river and lake trips locally as well as Barmah, Blowering and Murrumbidgee trips. Charter guide Beau McKimmie also took some fantastic Upper Murray trips for us, as well as charter guide Rohan Stephens who took several successful local trips over the season.   
We also hosted Fishing World Australia magazine's writer and photographer Sami Omari who showcased our region and with photos along the river at Barmah and Lake Mulwala. The article appeared in the May edition this year:  http://www.fishingworld.com.au/issue/may-2013  
Sami and I spent a day down at Barmah amoungst the red gums catching plenty of cod, and then travelling back that evening to fish the lake at night, where Sami managed several nice cod on surface lures.   

October 2012

I'm not long home from a fantastic trip up to the Gulf. Myself and three others had a great trip with plenty of fish on offer. We caught plenty of Barramundi, Estuary Cod, Grouper, Queenfish, Fingermark and Mangrove jack. There were also many other really big ones we hooked, but were too good for us.  It was a great trip and I cant wait to get back there next year.  We took a heap of photos too so check out the gallery next week for all the pictures. We did the long drive up and back, and had a good 10 days on the water to fish and explore the areas. I'm getting lots of enquiries about charters up to the Gulf, so if you're interested as well get in contact with me. 

Back home and the fishing on the lake and the river is still bit slow coming out of winter, but it only going to improve with the weather and water temps rising. The Bundalong area is getting more active with the Yellowbelly starting to feed.  At the moment things are looking good for the fishing season ahead - less big rain events compared with this time of year the last couple of seasons means we have good water clarity, which will be great for fishing.        

19th March 2012 

Over the summer the fishing has been very hot, and then very cold due to the inconsistent weather - first wind and instability between a couple of hot stretches, and then this recent heavy rainfall playing havoc with the water flows and the clarity. 

Despite this we had some great trips over the summer, starting with a very memorable and successfull upper murray & snowy mountains trip in early december where we picked up over 100 fish in a few days.  The late Dec early Jan holiday season was busy but great fishing with some big cod caught in the river and lake, and several very successful surface fishing trips where the Kingfisher lures really proved their worth.  

January was very busy with back to back charters fully testing the new boat out, and in late Jan we started to see some really good results coming out of the lake but with good sized fish rather than big numbers - mainly being caught on spinnerbaits right on the edges of the creeks and dropoffs.  Over the next couple of weeks we should start to get some clearer water again, plus with the water cooling down a bit and autumn weather it is the best time of year to target the lake.  So hopefully we dont get any more big rain events so the lake continues to clear and the fishing starts to fire.

9th September 2011

Well we had a great August with some stable weather helping to create some great fishing conditions, with lots of big and small cod caught in the lake and the river.  The fish that we caught where victims to Snap Back spinner baits and his new Jabber baits which are great in the deep water and get into the fish's face straight away and are retrieved at a very slow speed - the winter cod just cant say no.  

So now with the close of Cod season for another year, it is time to gear up for the Yellas.  As the river is closed downstream of Yarrawonga and the recent high inflows passed through the lake, if we dont get too much rainfall this month and the weather warms up we should start to get some great results. 

Also with cod not being the target species at the moment it is a great time to review and refresh those tackleboxes.  Mal's Tacklebox is on the move very soon to a new location in Yarrawonga on the Benalla Road, where he will have a lot bigger shed and a bigger range of fishing equipment.  So dont be afraid to call in and say g'day to Mal and the boys and check out the larger range.

We have also made some changes recently after a fantastic couple of years chartering.  We have said goodbye to our Makocraft and have upgraded to a larger 5.8m Actioncraft charter boat.  This is a great boat.  It is powered by a 150Hp Honda motor and can carry 5 passengers comfortably - so with plenty of room, plenty of storage space and plenty of speed, you'll love it too.  We're currently updating the webpages, so in the meantime check out the pictures of the new boat in the photo gallery under 'Our Photos'.           

26th July 2011

The last month or so fishing has been up and down, with fish coming on and off the bite with changeable weather and lake levels.  On all our charters we have caught fish but no monsters.  Our best trip was up in the cold conditions at Lake Eucambene with about 70 trout caught over 3 days fishing, which was just fantastic. 

On the home front the lake here is nealy full again and looks a lot better than it has for the last couple of months.  The fishing has been hard to judge, with the fish that are getting caught have been mainly on Snap Back Jabber baits, and retreveved very slowly on the edge of the deep water drop offs.  The river here is still very high with Hume still at 90+%, which means the river here will remain high for quite some time. 

The fishing will only get better over the next month or so as the Golden perch will start to become more active with the warmer water and longer days.  The trout reports are great with fantastic fish getting caught on all methods of fishing styles, but bait still remains the best method at the moment as well as casting vibes and soft plastics.

3rd June 2011

Fishing on the lake over the last few weeks has been tough with the water levels dropping plus the cold weather.  However, the last few days has seen some good fish starting to be caught again now that the draw-down is complete and water levels are stable, as well as some recent good weather.

If you're prepared to brave the cold, the trout fishing as the moment is brilliant.  Exceptional fishing is being had by all who have headed to the hills.  I'll be doing regular trips over the next couple of months to make the most of this opportunity, including Lake Eucambene and Tantangra Dam. I have weekend packages available so if you're interested give me a call and I can arrange a trip. 

14th May 2011

It has been a great month for legal fish with most of my trips out producnig good sized Cod.  Even with some tough conditions, the river has still been producing good quality fish with the best caught by charter-regular Barry from Gisborne with a 117cm cod. Congratulations Barry!

The lake is going to be lowered again this winter, with drainage already commenced.  MDBA says that the lake will be near its lowest by end of May and be kept low through June and into July.  So if you want to head out on the lake, be careful putting your boat in and out of the ramps as some will be inaccessible.           

12th April 2011

Some great stable autumn weather lately has been producing lots of fish.  Barry & Luke from Gisborne spent a few days fishing with me to see if they could top their trips over new year which produced two metre-plus mighty cod.  They didn't manage one over the magic metre this time, but did manage to land over 40-plus cod ranging from 85-40cm.   The best fish we did land on charter for the month went to Lee from Woolongong who managed to land her first her Murray Cod which measured an impressive 103cm.

I als spent half a day out on the lake with Jamin & Tully Forbes from Riverina Sportsfishing, just to catch up and talk fishing (which you can never do too much of), which was great and we did catch a few casting spinnerbaits.

The river level downstream is a lot lower a the moment than it has been for some time, which might start slowing the fish down soon, as well as the impact of the approaching winter months.  But the lake should get better with the water clarity improving daily.  April and May are known to be great months on Lake Mulwala for casting lures and trolling, so lets hope the weather holds out so the clarity continues we can make the most of it while it is at its best. 

9th March 2011

Fishing at the moment has just started to improve with a few fish starting to take lures again. Fishing in the lake over the past month hasn't seen a lot of fish after the mid Feb heavy rains which brought a lot of dirty water downstream. The water is really starting to clear now and the fish are responding. Fishing will only improve over the next couple of months with the stable autumn weather and clearer water. For best results cast lures such as spinnerbaits and Jackalls around the trees and the weedbeds.  Bait fishing has also been very productive in both the river and the lake.

The tough conditions did provide opportunities for trips to Blowering Dam near Tumut NSW where the redfin have been fishing really well. The water levels in the dam are a lot higher than the past few years and the new feeding grounds have led to a boom in their numbers, as well as good conditions for the cod & yellowbelly.  Best bait for the reddies has been small-sized yabbies and soft plastics.

The river downstream has been running very high and had which has seen some good catches of yellas, but now that the water flows are decreasing the yellas are slowing and the cod are starting to move.

We have had a fantastic 12 months operating Gone Yonder Fishing charters. A big thankyou to all my clients - we have had some great days out fishing and some memorable trips. In the coming months we'll be taking advantage of the conditions all over the region with the high waters in the lakes & dams. We're running 2-3 day trips up to Blowering & Burrinjuck right now so contact me to book your trip so you dont miss out. We'll also be running more trips up to the snowy mountains this winter targeting trout, so we look forward to another busy 12 months ahead with lots of new locations.

11th January 2011

Well what a great christmas and new year! The fish definately came on the bite with good numbers caught.  Early starters in particular were getting better results.  Congratulations must be given to father & son team Barry & Luke who while on charter, landed two cod over the magic metre in the space of a week, plus several other legal sized cod.  The river between Yarrawonga & Cobram was fantastic early over christmas, but as the traffic on the water increased, the fish quietened down.

But Lake Mulwala has been providing lots of fish as well with quite a few good sized fish caught ranging from 45-80cm.  The season is looking good with lots of weedbeds starting to appear. The weedbeds are holding lots of fish, so dont be afraid to fish the edges of them.

Surface fishing on the lake has been getting better too, with early mornings the best while the water is quiet.  Kingfisher surface lures have been the pick of them at the moment.

It will be interesting to see what happens this coming month with more rain forecast and higher water flows again.

5th December 2010

Cod season is finally here again, though it has a been a great winter chasing the trout up in the Snowy mountains.  I had several very successful trips up to lake Jindabyne and Eucambene with some excellent rainbow, browns and Salmon caught.  Hume weir has also been fishing really well, with yellas and redfin caught consistently throughout November.

Conditions haven't been as great on Lake Mulwala during Spring with the heavy rains causing high inflows from the Murray and Ovens rivers. The flood waters have made for very tough fishing conditions in the lake and river with the dirty water and stormy weather playing havoc.  As the rains ease up though the fishing should improve as the water begins to clear.

A few good yellas have been caught lately, as well as cod. Bait fishermen in particular will do well at the start of the season in the dirty water, but if you're patient enough with lures you should get some rewards as well.
If you need to stock up on tackle while you're in the area Mals Tacklebox now has the full range of JD lures in stock, and Intents fishing in Mulwala is now under new ownership and has a great Shimano range, as well as camping gear and accessories.

Our gift vouchers are proving very popular as Christmas presents this year, so contact us soon so we can make sure we get it under the tree in time.

Autumn 2010

From now on it's time to put the beanie and the long johns on and be patient because it's time to concentrate on some bigger fish. As the weather cools and the wind drops, the fish will become less active, and the bigger fish will be feeding up for winter.

There will be some long hours casting, trolling rivers and lakes but be patient. If you put the time in you will be rewarded.

As well as fishing locally, I'll be heading up to the snowy mountains this winter to chase trout.  It will be cold up there at this time of year, but it always a rewarding trip.

Fishing Report - April 2010

The water started to clear a bit more and the winds have also died down, so the fish have started to become more active. A lot of fish were caught in the shallows casting, but don't be afraid to throw big hard body lures as well, you could surprise yourself.

Fishing Report - March 2010

The regular and heavy rainfalls through February have muddied up the lake a lot and have limited fishing opportunities this month. In Early March there were a fair few small cod caught in the lake casting Snapback spinnerbaits with white and cream skirts. There were better fish caught towards the end of the month ranging from 55cm to 85cm but with plenty of persistence.

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